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- Development and manufacture of components for power engineering.
- Repair of components for steam and gas turbines.

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        Dear Sirs!

        The main activity of our company is the manufacture of parts and components for reconstruction of steam and gas turbines, and hydro turbines of domestic and foreign manufacture, spare parts for steam and gas turbines, water turbines. Manufacture of parts for the production of steam and gas turbines, hydro turbines and boilers, blades and vanes, diaphragms, parts management systems, of the fastener of high pressure

         At the moment, work is underway on the tooling and the development process of forging the  shoulder blades for gas and steam turbines and turbo-compressors from special steels and alloys.

        Worked out on practice the technology of electron-beam welding of packs of blades of steam turbine.

            The technology of plasma sputtering:

The application of coatings of tungsten carbide provides resistance to high temperature erosion more than 100 times.

 Plasma sputtering contributes to increase resistance to wear, impact, heat flow, erosion, and corrosion of the surface turbine units and gas turbine engines.

 The coating not only increases the service life of the parts, but also allows to repeatedly recover its.

 Plasma method is widely used in the repair parts such as steering knuckles, chassis, bushings, axles and guide the flap of the wing of the aircraft.

 The technology of thermal sputtering of coatings:

             The thermal coating is the local melting (softening) of the material and the sputtering of the melt by a high-speed jet of compressed air or gas. In contact with the solid substrate drops are covering the surface, mixing itself and create a crust (coating).

             Material for the coating may be wire, filled with powder or powder polymer cord. The heating source is a gas flame (flame sputtering), compressed arc welding (plasma sputtering), electric arc burning between two movable wires (electric arc sputtering), the blast wave of a mixture of a combustible gas-oxygen (detonation sputtering).

             The Gas-thermal coating allows to apply coatings of any composition and appointments of internal and external surfaces of various parts. Coatings may be applied from metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets, polymers and mixtures thereof with a thickness of 20-30 mkm. The upper limit of the thickness is limited by economic feasibility of applying.