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- Development and manufacture of components for power engineering.
- Repair of components for steam and gas turbines.

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Мechanical processing

The technology of high-precision complete machining of the parts:


All kinds of mechanical processing (Park turning, boring, milling machines, etc.)


OKUMA (Japan)
WEILER, MaxMuller (Germany)
DOOSAN (Korea)
EBOSA, AGIE (Switzerland)
HARTFORD (Taiwan), etc.

Precision lathes CNC company Weiler (Germany) and a TOS.s. (Czech Republic)
Max. machining diameter - 1200 mm
Max. processing length - 3000 mm
Accuracy according to DIN 8606


High-performance lathes CNC series Puma Doosan (Korea)
Max. machining diameter - 400 mm
Max. processing length - 1280 mm
12 position turret head equipped with driven tools


Modern high-speed vertical milling centers CNC company Okuma (Japan) and Hartford (Taiwan) for the machining of precision parts (including dies and moulds) with dimensions 2000x800x600 mm.

Machining centre designed for machining any difficult configuration:

Horizontal precision machining centers Okuma (Japan) and Doosan (Korea) with maximum dimensions of processing 2000x1500x1500 mm, readability of 0.001.
Multipurpose lathe-mill-drill 5-coordinate machining center company Kovosvit MAS (Czech Republic)
Max.  diameter of processing is 690 mm
Max. length of processing is 1690 mm
the spindle speed = 3500 rpm; sinstr = 12000 r/min.
readability of 0.001
Universal 5-axis RC MI-400VA firm Okuma (Japan), allowing quick and accurate handling on the 5 coordinates.


Modern multi-axis machining can dramatically reduce the number of required tooling and complexity of manufacturing parts.

Universal cylindrical grinding machine with CNC company a TOS.s. (Czech Republic), allowing to grind parts with a diameter up to 1100 mm, length up to 3000 mm, as well as producing internal grinding.

Electroerosion machines Agiecut and Agietron company AGIE (Switzerland) that can handle parts of complex shape with dimensions up to 880x680x350 mm.

Precision coordinate measuring machine WENZEL company

Also the ability to perform the following:
Sintering carbide inserts;
Plasma cutting of metal;
Services of heat treatment , electroplating, nitration, cementation.