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- Development and manufacture of components for power engineering.
- Repair of components for steam and gas turbines.

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        Design and manufacture special equipment according to customer's specifications:

- Compressor equipment
- Pumping equipment

- Drilling equipment

- Lifting and transport equipment

- Wear-resistant reinforcing coating

       Along with traditional coatings of titanium nitride, the technology of coating in vacuum:
nitrides of zirconium, chromium, molybdenum, hafnium, tantalum,
carbonitrides of titanium, nitride intermetallic titanium — aluminum, aluminum oxides.
The structure of the multilayer protective coatings:


       Casting of cast iron, steel, precise casting, heat-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels and alloys.

Components and parts for reconstruction of steam and gas turbines, hydro turbines and boilers.

Spare parts for steam and gas turbines, water turbines and boiler systems.

The turbine rotors, shoulder blades, installation of shoulder blades on the disks, diaphragm, nozzle and guide vanes.

Workers and guide vanes.

Details of toothed and worm gears, couplings, bearings and thrust bearings, ending and diaphragm seals, components and parts management systems, fasteners, high-pressure springs, the flow part, the inner housing, rotors and spare parts to the nutrient block pumps steam turbines.

Valves, parts and components of boiler auxiliary equipment

Optional equipment on the customer's documentation components and parts are up to 50 T. The details of rotation, requiring machining, with maximum dimensions: external diameter 7000mm and height up to 3500 mm. Enclosure parts can be welded or welded-cast construction.

The bend of the sheets of thickness up to 80 mm. and automatic welding, on a special stand of large cylindrical body parts.

Plasma cutting of metal

Laser cutting of metal